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Your Best Summer Skin

Happy weekend, Cozy Community! I hope you are all staying well! If you're like me, you're starting to spend more and more time outside as the temps warm up and the sun stays out longer; and, you've already had a sunburn! Going into the summer/warmer months, sunburns aren't the only thing you need to care about. So that's why we're talking about summer skincare this weekend-covering from sunburns, wearing makeup in the heat, and ways to protect all of your beautiful skin!


No shock here that this is #1-WEAR SPF EVERYWHERE!!! When you’re shopping for a facial or body sunscreen, look for a formula with an SPF 30 to start. A broad-spectrum sunscreen offers protection from UVA, UVB and infrared rays. Remember to reapply at least once every two hours when you’re outside in the sun. If you are wearing makeup, use a primer or moisturizer with SPF already in it first.

If you do get a little more sun than expected, it's OK! Take a cool shower, moisturize and apply Aloe Vera gel to cool it off and keep from peeling.

2. Lighten up the products you use.

The heat and humidity of summer means you can swap out a heavier cleanser for a lighter cream or serum.

3. Incorporate a Vitamin C Serum.

Vitamin C helps prevent discoloring, improve the appearance of fine lines, and can help with collagen production. Layer a few drops on your skin between cleansing and moisturizer.

4. Hydrate.

Hydration is key for firm, even skin and general good health. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and make sure your serums have a hyaluronic acid component for maximum hydration.

5. Remember to Exfoliate!

Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

6. Don't forget your scalp!

I'm guilty of this-forgetting your scalp can burn. Because it can and it will. Don't use a cream up there; it won't get absorbed well. Instead, use an SPF spray and get that hairline-even if you're wearing a hat.

7. Don't itch bites.

Remember we love summer, even for the bugs. Bites are inevitable, and so is the itching. BUT DON'T DO IT! The more you itch, the larger and redder the spot. Instead, apply a calming and cooling cream (Calamine) or an anti-itch spray).

8. Take extra care of your eyes...

Your eyes are a super soft spot on your face. Sunburns on your eyes are the largest cause of premature wrinkles and appearance of signs of aging on the skin. Plus all that squinting from the heavy sun is not helping. Stay ahead of under eye lines and wrinkles with a targeted eye treatment.

9. ...And your lips.

Your lips are another vulnerable sunburn spot. Remember to apply an SPF lip balm often to avoid burning and drying out/peeling. And if/when they do burn and peel, use a gentle lip scrub to exfoliate and clean them out. Apply a lip balm after you exfoliate, too!

10. Forego the makeup.

I know, I know-summertime is the best time to look the best! But did you know makeup can actually make your face burn more? Also, wearing makeup in summer heat can make your skin extra oily because it's trying to breathe, but can't. Even if you're not sweating, you skin can start to look greasy with an unwanted shine. And if you are sweating, your makeup might not last. With the humid summer air and and general heat, rocking a full face is a risky move. Even with the best primers, foundations, setting powders and sprays, there's always a chance your makeup may cake or smudge.

Now that you have my top 10 tips to protect your skin, get out there and (safety) enjoy the sunshine and warmth! Stay safe, healthy, and most of all, cozy!

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