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Your Best Day Ever

Ever feel like some days are a drag and you're all out of sorts? Your routines could could have a big part to do with that. Although I'm sure right now schedules are out the door, so hopefully these few tips for the morning and evening will help!

*When you wake up:

--> Wake up around the same time everyday. The earlier the better!

--> Drink water. I always go to bed wit a full water bottle, so when I wake up I drink it.

--> Stretch. Wake those muscles up.

--> Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes-breakfast IS the most important meal so make it count!! My favorite is some oatmeal with some fruit!

--> If you're not a morning shower person, at least wash your face. Anything to feel fresh!

--> I like to do my under-eye mask in the morning too; it reduces puffiness and sleepy-eyes!!

--> If you're a morning workout person, this is your time to shine! 30 minutes of movement is all it takes!

*Before you go to bed:

--> Tune out tech. My rule is about 20-30 minutes before I want to turn in I put the phone down. And-as nerdy as it sounds, I I use the app "Relax Melodies" and listen to some soothing sounds (the ocean specifically).

--> Set your coffee pot to auto-brew your coffee. I set mine for the same time my alarm goes off. There is NOTHING better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

--> Meal prep!! The worst thing to do in the morning is scramble making your lunch. Set it up the night before to save you some time.

--> For you non-morning workout-ers, now is your time to move your body! (I lean this way during the week, so I'm with ya!)

Basically, this is a look into my morning/evening routines, and it's helped me maintain consistency during this inconsistent time. So, hopefully some of this will help you add some consistency to your days, too! Stay safe, stay and healthy, and mostly-stay cozy! Until next time! 💜

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