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Winter Skin Blues

Does your skin take a beating in the winter? Dry, cracked, split, chaffed? Because SAME. Winter's in New England are no joke-especially when we get all 4 seasons in the same day! So today, I am sharing some tips and tricks that I've learned along the skin-saving way (and don't worry-you don't need to break the bank for this either!):

*Invest in a humidifier. A humidifier will add some moisture to help keep your skin from drying out. There are plenty of inexpensive options on Amazon!

*I hate this one the most but it really does make a difference-avoid (extended) hot showers. I know how great it feels to get in a hot shower after shoveling, but that hot water can burn your skin and dry it out even more.

*Speaking of showers and washing-make sure to moisturize!!!! My favorite products in the winter are Aveeno products. They're gentle on skin and can be fragrance free (great for sensitive skin!). Fragrance free or low fragrance is better in the winter because a lot of scented products are known to dry out your skin more. After drying off, lather up all over to lock in any moisture you can get!

*Even though it's light out for what feels like only 2 hours a day, remember your sunscreen! Year round SPF is MANDATORY!

*Opt for creamier products. The creamier = the more moisture.

*Use that creamy product on your hands and lips. Your hands and lips are (probably) exposed to the cold and dry air the most (how many times a day do you wash your hands?) Gold Bond hand lotion and Blistex chap stick are my go tos!

*Hydrate! Some winter days I forget to drink water because I'm not working up a sweat as much as I would on warmer days, but hydration is key in helping your skin rejuvenate itself.

*Exfoliate...wisely. You don't to exfoliate too much, because that will suck all the good out of your skin. But, you do want to exfoliate a little bit to make sure those dead skin cells out.

Now that you have (maybe, hopefully) some new tips and tricks to save your winter-bitten skin, get into your bathroom and get to work! I've linked some other resources below, too! Happy skin saving!

Helpful resources:

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