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Will You Be My Valentine?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Love is in the air, am I right? (Or is that just the bitter NH winter getting to me?) Valentines Day can be many different things: Galentines day, even a Treat-Yo-Self day! This day is one of those days that can be made for anyone! But planning that special day can be a pain, which is where I come in!

This week we're talking about the best gift ideas for your S.O., or yourself! We're also talking about the best plans for you & your S.O., or yourself because YOU DESERVE IT GALS & GUYS!

~~Amazon has you covered on this years top gifts, but here are my top 5:~~

I got one of these massagers for Christmas, and LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT! I use it primarily on my bad back (herniated disks anyone?!) and it is glorious. It even comes with a car plug so you can take it on-the-go!

Caffeine peeps: this ones for you! Cold brew maker and tea infuser: it does it all! You can get it in 2 size options too, so it's versatile for all your caffeinated needs.

Isn't popcorn the ultimate snack? Even if you don't like it plain you can use it as a "base" snack and make an even more grand snack out of it. But, the bagged popcorn can get so hot, burn and be super messy. This popcorn cup is here to save your day. (Spoiler alert: my boyfriend LOVES popcorn; so Ryan if you're reading this, act surprised).

Have a techy on your hands? This all-in-on charging station will keep all of their items in one place and charging at the same time!

A drink connoisseur's Heaven: an all-in-one 10 piece mixology kit! (Plus, how stylish is the Bamboo holder?? Stylish cocktails sounds like a win-win to me).

~~Now that the ultimate gift options are out of the way, you need the ultimate plans!!!~~

*Important note that these plans can be also for those who don't have a S.O. (How cost effective, right?!)

-->Night out peeps: this is the ultimate night to break out your favorite outfit and get all dolled up (or down) as you'd like! I'd recommend specific restaurants, but that would take all year. Instead, here are some other Valentines (or Galentines!) night ideas:

*Paint Nite (painting with wine, does it get any better??)



*Dinner and a movie

*Sports game (maybe not the most traditional, but inexpensive tickets are out there and this is a fun twist on date night!)

-->Night in peeps: you're my kind of peeps and nights in are my forte.

*Order takeout, watch a movie (Can I get an AMEN?!)

*Cook dinner together

*Play a game (unless you're a sore winner/sore loser; that could be interesting. Proceed with caution)

Regardless of how you spend the Day of Cupid, and regardless of what it means to you, this day is meant to be special in any way you want it to! With that said, Happy Cozy-tines day!

Until next time!

Link to all gifts page:

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