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Tiny Human Shindig (aka Our Baby Shower) Recap!

Happy weekend Cozy Community! It’s know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted! Some traveling to see family happened, work is busy & this pregnancy brain…I simply lost track of time! While we’re still waiting for our little man to arrive, I thought I’d share some of the details from our baby shower we had in April! Ryan & I didn’t want anything super formal, so we decided to throw the shower ourselves at our home; true Mack style.

The ‘theme’ if you will was “Tiny Human Shindig” at our home & it was great! We chose to have it at our home so that way we could invite who we wanted & didn’t have to worry about a huge price tag on a venue space, catering/venue food, etc. While there were still plenty of costs associated & a lot of work went into pulling it off, it was worth it in the end. Ryan picked the ‘theme’ & invites from Minted!

We also did the decorating ourselves. Amazon & Etsy are life savers. Amazon has an abundance of party-packs to pick from & Etsy picked up the slack with some extra banners & a welcome sign template we were able to customize & have printed. The only thing we needed to get was a helium tank for all the balloons & our decor was covered!

We kept it simple from a food perspective, also. Our local grocery store, Market Basket, offers deli sandwiches you can order in advance, as well as veggie platters. They make it super easy to pick & choose, also! Now I know what you’re thinking: “Pregnant people can’t eat deli meats!” Thankfully, there are other options available. We opted for some egg salad, cranberry chicken salad & tuna salad, as well as some roast beef, turkey & ham finger sandwiches. We also had a cake & cupcakes from Walmart. Also super easy to order & personalize! All through the Walmart app/website, you can pick your cake flavor, frosting type & even colors of everything. While we went with classic blues, there are so many options you can pick from. I highly recommend checking out Walmart for your next party dessert needs! (Not sponsored content; just a genuine review!)

We also had some funny games (thank you for the templates, Etsy!) So prizes were a must. A trip to Marshall’s & those were complete! What can’t you find at Marshall’s, though?

Even for it being a fairly simple event, it was so special to us! We’re so grateful for all our family & friends who came to shower us & our little man that day & who sent us stuff in between! We’re onto the final countdown now!

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