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There is Beauty

Good morning & Happy Monday, Cozy Community! It's a beautiful day today-not only because the weather is perfect here in NH today, but because of the stories I'm going to share with you all today.

There is so much dark in the world right now-COVID, racism (I HEAR YOU AND I STAND WITH YOU!), hurricane season starting and already ripping through. Even with all of this, there is still so much beauty left in the world. Here's why:

  • I had been seeing a lot of birds flying around my front door recently. I assumed it was because I put out a few bird feeders or they just liked the floral wreath hanging on the front door. Well, today I got extra curious and when I looked at the wreath, I noticed the birds built a nest. I looked a little closer, and a baby bird had just hatched out of 1 of the few eggs in the nest! Its little beaked popped up and I was absolutely amazed and what I saw! I welcomed a beautiful baby bird to the world this morning! There was something so beautiful in that moment.

  • A few weeks ago, I took some pictures outside on my lunch break. I love the way the sun breaks through the trees covered with leaves, and I captured exactly that.

These two moments are small and in the grand scheme of things right now, they probably seem pretty dang insignificant. But I wanted to share with you all that there is beauty and hope left to be seen and experienced; even through all of this darkness, hurt and hate.

Stay well, Cozy Community; I'm thinking of you all!

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