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Happy #ThankfulThursday Cozy Community! I hope this post finds you all safe and healthy! I feel like there is just so so so much we can all be thankful for-no matter how drained, anxious, sad, tired or overwhelmed we all are. I personally am ALL of the above and then some. But when I actually stop to think, I realize through all of the negative emotions I'm feeling, there is still so much to be said about being grateful and thankful! A few weeks ago when doing some Spring cleaning, I came across some bright colored printer paper, and decided to make a list-yes, a list-of things I'm thankful for right at that moment. Some are big; some are small. Regardless, they're still things to be thankful for. Here is my list:

I challenge you all today to make the same list (even if it's not on highlighter colored printer paper). It can be as much or as little as you feel, but write it out. Share it, or keep it to yourself. Just WRITE.IT.OUT.

Stay safe, healthy, and most of all, cozy! Until next time!

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