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Syd's Sunday Reset

Hey Mama & Friends!

If I said, "Raise your hand if you get the 'Sunday Scaries!'" I know many, if not all, of your hands would fly up in the air! While Sunday's may always be a little scary, I can help make them less so!

Enter: The Sunday Reset.

I may be a SAHM (stay at home mom), but I still follow my husbands' M-F schedule. Last Sunday, I felt as though the day I had was a great routine! I call it The Sunday Reset. Here's why: While I had no plans of that Sunday to go the way it did, it worked out perfectly to be a great way to prep for the week ahead while still creating some downtime.

  1. Wake up & wash your face. Set the foundation for the day.

  2. Clean out your fridge. Look at expiration dates, toss old food (while cringe-worthy, but this is another thought process for later on).

  3. Then, literally, clean the fridge. Clorox wipe the shelves & wash any Tupperware. (I loathe washing Tupperware; into the dishwasher!)

  4. Build your grocery list. Throughout the week prior, I note any specific cravings & build meals/snacks around those. To avoid tossing leftovers, really consider portion sizes. "I'm craving salmon now, but am I going to want to have it again the next day too?" (This is something my household also needs to work on, so I'll be taking my own advice here).

  5. Go get your morning coffee & breakfast, then grocery shop. STICK TO YOUR LIST to avoid overspending & getting things you'll waste next week.

  6. You come home to unpack your groceries to the cleanest fridge! How satisfying.

  7. Tidy up your space. Try to divvy up as much cleaning as you can throughout the week so you don't have to deep clean all day Sunday. A little vacuum & a dishwasher run & a small load of 'maintenance' laundry will do the trick.

  8. Now, it's time for YOU. This is where I will make a cup of tea (or maybe even pour a glass of wine), hand Jackson over to my husband & draw myself a bath! I even do a face mask for an added pampering moment. (If you don't have a tub, a face mask & a hot shower with some extra pampering will do you good!)

  9. Remember all those groceries you just got? Time to prep your meals! Chop veggies, marinate any meats, set your coffee maker for the next day.

  10. Go to bed early. If you're a 10pm bedtime person, get into bed at 9. Read or watch TV on low. You'll wake up more energized & recharged for Monday! (Hopefully; that's why there's coffee, right??)

I thrive off of structure & routine, so it comes as no surprise that I have a system for just about everything. I hope even part of this resonates in some way to you! Happy Sunday-ing!

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