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Spring Fling series: Part I~Spring Cleaning

Now I know it's only the last weekend in February, but let's rejoice in the fact that next weekend is MARCH! Spring is so close-my allergies can feel it! We're starting a seasonal series the next coupe of weeks all around Spring-Spring cleaning, Spring fashion/home style, and Spring break to get you and your homes ready for Spring and Summer festivities!

So, let's begin with Spring cleaning (mostly to get it out of the way so we can focus on the fun stuff!) Spring cleaning is probably the most important cleaning-because for months your windows are shut from Winter-locking in dust, germs, and other contaminants.

----> Throw those windows open! Get that stale air out and the fresh air in! Speaking of stale-check filters around your house, too. Water filters, vacuum filters, vent filters, even car filters. Those hold onto a lot of junk, too.

----> Deep clean carpets and curtains: rugs, curtains, and other heavily clothed areas hold onto the most dust, pet hair/dander, so it's important to get all that out! This goes for comforters, blankets, and other household bed/bath items.

----> Clear out gutters: Snow & ice will trap leaves, dirt, and other junk-so make sure to put gloves on before hand wiping those out. Once you got rid of all of the big chunks of junk, rinse them out with a hose or bucket of water to make sure they're completely clean and clear.

----> Outdoor furniture: If you disassembled pieces, wipe down each of those individual pieces (I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for this). Even on large pieces still assembled, wipe those down, too. Take an inventory: what got damaged during the winter? Does anything need to be replaced? Doing this check earlier ensures you have your patio and seasonal furniture ready to go when peak season hits!

----> Closet: you didn't think I'd skip over this part, did you? Empty. It. Out. And get serious about it too. Lay everything out-put winter items away and spread out those warmer weather items. If you didn't wear it last Spring/Summer, it goes. If it doesn't fit or you don't feel your absolute best in it, it goes. Do this for shoes and accessories, too! (Think about it-the more you clear out now, the more you can stock up on this years' best new styles!!!)

Now that you have the Spring cleaning basics, get to work! And be sure to tune in next week for Part II~Spring Style for this seasons top looks in fashion and home decor!

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