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Spring Fling Series Part III: Spring Break

Alright, Cozy Community-your homes are clean and your wardrobes have been upgraded. Now, It's time for......SPRING BREAK! This week we're covering the best Spring Break places to go and the packing essentials.

For starters: here are the best places to go for Spring Break (Based on some research within my household of myself & Ryan and some web search:)

*In the US:

-Los Angeles

-Florida (Miami)

-New Orleans (and if you time it right-Mardi Gras, anyone?!)



-British Virgin Islands (BVI)

-Montreal, Canada

-Quebec, Canada

Now, you have to pack! Packing cubes are going to be your best friend here-over-packers can I get an AMEN?!

Another few reminders to pack:

*If you're going international-PASSPORT PASSPORT PASSPORT. Put it in your bag the night before and please check again before you leave your house. Please.

*Sunscreen. SPF all the way, please!

*Along with your sunscreen: sunglasses, a hat & a cover up. Yes, we all want to bask in the sun but let's do it safetly, please.

*Make sure you have outfits that are casual for the day but dressier for dinners and events at night.

*More than one swimsuit. I'm going to say it louder...BRING MORE THAN ONE SWIMSUIT! (Especially if you're like me and you're going to make almost everyday a beach/pool day).

Now, I know this week is a shorter post, but everyone's vacation plans differ, so I took a more vague approach on this post.

I hope the past few weeks have helped in your Spring preparations, Cozy Community! On this note: Happy Springtime and safe travels on your Spring Breaks!!

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