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Simple Home Sprucing: My Favorite Décor Hacks!

Now that the holidays are over, and the décor is taken down and put away (no judgment if you aren't here yet!), does your space feel empty? If so, this post is for you! I'm going to show you a few simple hacks to spruce up your space! (You can click the images to shop, or everything is also listed on the LikeToKnow.It app!)

My living room is where the Christmas tree goes, so once that went down, it just felt empty. We have an electric fireplace/entertainment center, and I felt it was missing something next to it. I love the way wood looks next to a fireplace (fake or not), so when I saw these faux birch logs at Target, I knew they were meant to go next to ours! I arranged them in a simple basket for a cozy look!

My second favorite hack: faux flowers, plants & fruits! Zero maintenance, and you avoid the little flies that come with these items as they start to wilt/go bad. The colors last, plus who doesn't love a bowl of fruit in the kitchen/dining room? Growing up, and even now, my grandmother has a basket of fruit on her big kitchen table and I always LOVED the way it looked. I have faux lemons & limes in our dining room & kitchen (to match our newly painted yellow & green walls), and faux flowers basically everywhere else-my office, living room, master bedroom-you get the idea. You can get faux flowers from any craft store, however I've been known to frequent Hobby Lobby.

Another favorite hack: pillow covers! While I love tons and tons of pillows, sometimes you just run out of space. Keep a few pillows of the same size, and swap out the covers based on the season, holidays, etc. These are my current pillow covers (clearly I'm ready for Spring over here...)

In my master bedroom, I also spruced up a little corner to complete areading nook! An end table for a little extra storage and a fun rug completed the look!

The same rug is also in my office by my mirror!

We've also done a lot of room rearranging. Here are a few little tips: you want the room to flow: don't block any natural light, and make sure you're able to walk through easily! Also think of the function-if you're rearranging an entertaining space, don't place any large furniture anywhere you'll block anyone off. In this case, the more open the better!

With these simple hacks (also inexpensive hacks, I may add), your home can be transformed to fit any mood, season or style! Happy home hacking!

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