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Rut Happens

Happy Wednesday, Cozy Community! I hope you are all staying safe & healthy! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve brought you all a post; I’ve been in such a rut! So this week, I want to talk to you all about being in a rut, feeling uninspired, and how to bounce back.

For me, I decided to talk about “rut’s” because we’ve all been there-so you are not alone! Have no clue what I’m talking about? Ask yourself these questions:

-Are you checking off a to-do list but still feel like you’re getting nothing done?

-Do you find yourself not looking forward to much? (Aside from sleeping, for example.)

-Are your days blending together into a blur--not in a busy way?

-Have you been asked, “How are you?” and your answer was nothing short of a shrug?

Then you, my friend, are in a rut.

How do you get out of this rut, you ask? Step 1: admitting you are, in fact, in a rut. I did it today after weeks of feeling like a lump and well, here we are.

Step 2 is adding something to look forward to to your daily routine. I know we’re still social distancing and wearing our masks, but ask a friend to grab dinner or ice cream after work one night (you never know-maybe he/she is in a rut, too!) Or schedule yourself a mani or pedi appointment, or something else special to you that you would be excited about. Not spending money? No problem! Plan some extra YOU time-take that bath, do that YouTube yoga routine, kick your S.O. out of the living room and watch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch (I’ve done this and I recommend Black Is King if you can get to Disney+).

Step 3 is to get some fresh air. I’m a fan of soaking up the cooler nights we’ve been having in NH and taking the dog for a walk after dinner. I also recommend breaking out whatever camera you have-phone or not-and capturing some nature: point the lens to the sun and catch sun rays; take pictures of your neighbors flowers while on a walk. This way, on crappy weather days, you have these moments to look at and cheer you up.

Step 4-grocery shop. I’m not kidding-hear me out. This past Monday, I went to the grocery store with the goal in mind that I was going to get out of this rut and eat healthy again. So what did I do? I filled my cart with fresh fruits and vegetables, my favorite Greek yogurt, a new bag of granola, and Pumpkin Spice Cheerios because I’m the QUEEN of all things pumpkin spice and it’s my little treat to myself. Let me tell you, I’m feeling pretty good right now.

Like many things, this is easier said than done (or, easier typed than done; I’m just FULL of humor tonight, aren’t I?). But, starting small can lead to a big reward. Rut happens, and you’re not alone.

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