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Remote Working & Maintaining Good Mental Health

If you're like me and have been working from home since the start of the pandemic, you might be feeling a little more burnt out than "normal." Work from home certainly has its benefits of "glamor" and being convenient, however there also comes a lack of balance separating work...and home.

*Just because you work from home DOES NOT mean that you don't need to take time off. *Just because you work from home DOES NOT mean you won't experience burnout.


I recently took a mental health day-I didn't work and I also disconnected. I spent the day outside in the sun, and it certainly helped how I was feeling that day. I was BURNT THE HECK OUT. I even cried in the morning prior to signing on. And that leads me to this article: I'm going to share the tips that have helped me maintain (relatively decent) mental health while working from home. (Please remember I am not a doctor; these are just things that have helped in my own work from home experience.)

  1. Take screen breaks. This is not only good for your eyes (even if you have blue light blocking glasses), but it's good to remember to step away. You're a human; not a robot-even at home.

  2. Take your lunch break. THE FULL LUNCH BREAK. Even if you used to work through lunch while in the office.

  3. That leads to my 3rd point-take your vacation time! Here we go again-just because you work from home DOES NOT mean you will not experience burnout and it does NOT mean your vacation days are MIA. Just like I did, take a day off. TAKE EXTRA TIME OFF FROM WORK.

  4. Keep your work space separate from the rest of your home space, as much as you can.

  5. Keep your workspace clean. Clutter is chaos.

  6. Say 'no' to working late-just because you're "already home" DOES NOT mean you shouldn't be able to stick to a schedule like you most-likely would in the office.

  7. Get some extra "outside" time. Now that we're getting into the warmer months, get that extra Vitamin D. Even just standing in the driveway in the fresh air for a few minutes will help improve your mood.

  8. Listen to music. My favorite playlist on Spotify is the "My Favorite Coffeehouse" playlist. Folk-esque music, to me, is calming and soothing. Even on my most stressful days, I find a little calmness in that playlist (maybe it's because I like to envision myself sipping coffee in a small coffee shop, but hey, it helps!)

  9. Keep your routine. Or change it up-just get into a "groove" you can keep up, just like you would if you were going into the office everyday.

  10. Remember to talk to your non-work people. Scream, cry, vent to your friends-not your coworkers. Remember when I said to give yourself some separation? Here it is again.

If I can give my biggest piece of advice on this topic, it's to remember to take time off from work and give yourself extra time to just, be. One of my bosses once said to me, "The work-life balance is a joke. There is none! You work 5 days and only get 2 off!" And remember, there is always someone there for you!

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