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I'm sure we're all in the same boat right now-we are quarantined to help stop the spread of this pandemic.Being stuck at home-whether you live with your S.O., solo, or you have a full house-this is not an easy time for anyone. This week, I'm sharing some recipes, activities, books, movies, etc. to help you get through this dark time. Because remember, we're all in this together!

---> Let's cook!

Ryan and I have been trying out some new recipes during this time. Here are some of our favorites:

*Tomato & zucchini flatbread:

What you'll need:

*2 pieces of your favorite Naan bread

* 1 zucchini

*Small package plum/grape tomatoes

*Small container ricotta cheese

*1 tsp Lemon juice


*Olive oil

*Salt & pepper

~Cut the zucchini and tomatoes lengthwise & bite-size

~Put the zucchini in a pan; drizzle with olive oil; cook until tender

~Marinate the tomatoes-in a small bowl toss the tomatoes with olive oil, salt & pepper. Set aside.

~Mix the ricotta cheese with lemon juice. Spread onto Naan breads.

~Add zucchini and tomatoes. Bake at 450 degrees F for 10 minutes, or until your desired crust crispiness.

~Top with basil and enjoy!

*Tuna steaks w/ Pesto & cous cous: (SO EASY!!!)

What you'll need:

*Your favorite cous cous

*2 large tuns steaks

*Pesto (we made our own but I understand not everyone may have a food processor)

*Olive oil

*Salt & pepper

~ Make your cous cous first.

~Turn the oven on to broil-high & move the oven rack up to the top

~Drizzle olive oil onto a cookie sheet; lay tuna steaks on the cookie sheet. Season with salt & pepper.

~Cook tuna: 4 minutes on one side; flip; 4 minutes on the other.

~Top with pesto, serve cous cous; enjoy!

---> Let's clean!

*Remember our Spring Fling series? Well, now is the perfect time to get started on that Spring cleaning list!

*Pro tip: these bins are from Amazon and the labels are from Target: perfect for keeping everything in line (and remember where you put things).

Link for labels:

---> Quarantined with kids? Keep them engaged with hands-on activities! Puzzles, play-dough, Lego's are some playtime staples. Lakeshore Learning & Tiger have a great collection of workbooks for the school days, too.

---> Need to workout? Shout out to YouTube! Also, check in with your local workout spots; support them by singing up for a virtual workout!

---> Pinterest also has some resources! And as an avid Pinterest-er, I have found these glorious.

*Overall, it is important to take care of yourselves during this time. Stay safe, sane, and cozy, Cozy Community!*

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