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Hello Cozy Community! It has been a WHIRLWIND here - our Jackson is now almost 10 months old! Time has flown by & while it seems I may have forgotten about you all, I certainly have not! Trying to find balance in the day-to-day is difficult; not to add all of the emotions, struggles & curveballs being a ‘new’ mom has brought. Here’s what I’ve learned from the past few months.

I’ve always struggled with depression & anxiety, so it was no surprise when postpartum depression (PPD) reared its head. We weren’t even out of the hospital yet! The surge of hormones and emotions just overcomes you. Let me be the first to tell you that this is NORMAL. And It’s OK. I cannot stress enough: talk to someone. Not just your partner, but to a specialist. This has helped me immensely. Being a mom is hard stuff, & having someone outside to validate that what you’re going through is normal, hard & scary is a relief. They’re there to help you create a plan to navigate these feelings/emotions, and for me, I love a good plan. Be sure to ask your nurse/doctor about social work help; this is what they’re here for!

Since I’ve become a mom, my gray hairs are not messing around. Not going to lie, I’ve been getting my hair highlighted for a few years now; it’s a little treat to myself & some quality me-time, Time away from your baby is one of the best things you can do for yourself to avoid burnout (ironic, isn’t it?) Schedule time each week, even 30 minutes/1 hour can make all the difference. And by scheduling it, you have something concrete to look forward to. And, ensure the same for your partner. They’re an equal player in this, too.

Get enough sleep. When you can that is. Sleep regressions are evil things that happen and those sleepless nights are going to be unavoidable. As a mom, I sometimes try to get some extra alone time after Jackson goes to sleep. Then I find myself up until midnight or later sometimes & Jackson waking up at 6am. Then, I’m exhausted & crabby as heck the next day, getting overstimulated & feeling defeated all day. Rotate with your partner on the weekends who gets up early to ensure everyone gets a day to sleep in.

Have a hobby outside of just being a mom! This - writing - is one of those hobbies for me; it’s a way for me to express myself and get things off my chest. I don’t blog about everything; I also keep a journal & my favorite pen next to my bed & find myself scribbling thoughts down most nights, especially on those brutal sleepless nights.

Remember, it will get better. You will sleep through the night again. It will get easier. This role as a mom is ever-changing, but you will continue to grow with it. Next thing you know, you’ll be mommin’ with your eyes closed! (Literally, there will come a night…)

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