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Managing Fear & Anxiety--Especially Now

Happy Sunday, Cozy Community! I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves!! I know right now things are looking pretty ominous, so I wanted to dedicate this week's post on ways to manage your fear and anxiety during tough times and to bring some hope and positivity to you all today.

*Limit the amount of news you take in. When you do get your news, get it from 1 trusted source and check it 1 or 2 MAX times of day. Don't get too caught up in the "what if's"-that's 100% the worst way to trick yourself into panic

*Working from home? Switch up your work space. Move your space to a window for some natural light (and if you're lucky some fresh air too)! You can also move to a place where you're the most comfortable, but where you can still be productive. If this isn't an option for you, a simple rearrange of your home desk will do the trick. I rearranged my desk the other morning by moving my monitor, adding a new candle and using a different utensil holder and it feels like a whole new desk!

*Use the extra home time to your advantage. Try not to think of being quarantined as a trap: use this time to connect with your children/significant other. Have meals together, watch a movie together, play a game together. Use this time to disconnect and reconnect with your people! Live with just you? Take this time to clean out that messy dresser, rearrange and clean out your closets and pantry, read that book (or books) that you've been considering reading but "haven't had the time to". I know your Tupperware storage system needs a new system, too (but if it doesn't, please share your secrets).

*Don't forget about your fresh air and exercise. You can still go for a walk outside. You can wave to your neighbors and still talk to them by standing a few feet away from them. You can do yard work; you are not completely limited to your walls and roof.

*Follow some good news! I recently added this to my day: take a few minutes a day to check out 'good news' websites or apps for some feel good laughs and just an extra boost of hope. is the one I like the most!

*Lastly, don't slack on your day to day self care routines. Your mental health will thank you!

I want to end with this: it is important to stay informed, and trust me, I am! What's happening around us is real, and I want to stress how important it is to make sure you take care of yourself-mentally and physically! Stay safe and well, all!

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