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Let's Talk Turkey

I cannot believe thanksgiving is next week! We host thanksgiving here & my husband loves cooking the turkey! He really is a turkey pro. Usually we have a smoked turkey with an oven baked turkey, but this year he is frying a turkey along with the oven turkey. He is sooo excited about his fryer & frying a turkey this year! Don’t worry, it will be defrosted because we are fortunate enough to live closer to a farm so we get fresh turkeys each year (background story coming later!)

Along with the turkeys, of course there are sides! My grandma makes potatoes called Potatoes Supreme & they’re MY favorite side. It’s little pieces of potatoes (basically hash potatoes) mixed with cream & cheese and they’re soooo good. Of course, we have the classic stuffing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, rolls & gravy galore. Pies for dessert, because you can never go wrong with a classic Apple and/or Pumpkin pie! I’m getting hungry thinking about all of this! But before we can feast, there’s prep…

Let's here it for some lighthearted jokes!

What does a turkey eat for dessert? Peach gobbler!

Why was the turkey asked to join the band? Because he could bring his own drumsticks!

Menu planning:

I love a “menu” because this keeps me organized as to who is bringing what & what I need to make & provide. This includes apps & beverages as well. When it comes to the holidays, don’t try to do it all yourself! If someone offers to bring a dish, save yourself the work & say YES PLEASE!

Our menu this year-


Charcuterie, including Auntie Sue’s Ultimate Cheese Ball!


Buffalo Blue Cheese Shrimp


Oven & fried turkey


Mashed potatoes, potatoes supreme, stuffing, cranberry sauce, squash (Jackson’s favorite!), veggies & rolls


The classics-apple & pumpkin pie!

Cooking tips:

I’m no chef, but I’ve learned a thing or 2 after hosting Thanksgiving the past few years.

*Start the day before. I do as much prep the day before as I can. I make the sides & store them in reheatable containers so all I have to do the next day is reheat!

Decorate & set the table in advance. I do this the night before too, except for putting out there dishes (we have cats & I’m sure you can imagine how that goes). Otherwise, I put napkins in the napkin holders have a tablecloth/runner set.

*Make sure your turkey is thawed! I remember a couple of years ago, some friends fried their turkey & it was still somewhat frozen in the middle. It didn’t end too well…

*Start research now for recipes. If you don’t already have a turkey/sides recipe, start looking for one now so you aren’t scrambling & get stuck in the grocery store madness.

*Brine your turkey. A brine will make your turkey more tender & adds flavor. Who doesn’t want that?! (We LOVE The Pioneer Woman’s brine:

What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for: My friends & family-especially husband & Jackson, our home, coffee, pets


Yes, I know my house is already decorated to the North Pole standards, however, that doesn’t mean I don’t sneak back in some of my fall decor. For me, we don’t have the largest dining room table, so excess decor takes up space. I like a simple table cloth or runner, some decorative napkin holders & short bouquet & candle in the middle. Those with kiddos: display those paper turkeys! I’m making one with Jackson this year & of course I’ll be displaying it for all to see.

Lastly, the sides poll:

I posted a poll on Instagram for favorite sides! No suprise, stuffing took the W.

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