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Let's Get Spooky

Happy (early) Halloween! With it being next week, today's post is all about candy, costumes & keeping your families & others safe while Trick-or-Treating!


I did a small candy poll about what some of the top Halloween candy favorites are! After tallying the results, here are the tops:

  1. 1. Reeses

  2. 2. Snickers

  3. 3. Peanut M&M's

  4. 4. Twix

  5. 5. Kit Kat

Other favorites were: Almond Joys, Crackle Bars, Peppermint Patties, PB Snickers, 3 Muskeeters, & popcorn balls.


I did another poll asking for some favorites costumes! They were: Thing 1 & Thing 2, The Wizard of Oz, farm animals & farmer, Where’s Waldo?, Peter Pan, Wendy & crew, Doug cast (the DisneyPixar movie)

(Jackson the Cowardly Lion was taking a nap 😂)

Movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes

-Hocus Pocus: OG: 40% (this makes me sad because I love this movie! However, I know it's not everyones favorite either)

-Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton): 95%

-Halloweentown (Dusney): 83%

-Chucky movies: Childs Play-73%, Cult of Chucky-78% (These I will never watch, can't do it!!)

-IT (2017): 86% - (also never seen & never going to; can you tell I'm not a horror fan?)

Things to do

-Visit a pumpkin patch, pick out a pumpkin & carve

-Corn maze

-Haunted House - some are made family friends for kiddos during the day!

-Halloween themes scavenger hunt

-Halloween light drive! I used to do this as a kid with Christmas lights! Get into festive PJ’s, make some cocoa or warm cider & drive around local neighborhoods to check out displays!

-Of course, watch movies & share scary stories!


The best ways to keep yourself & others safe while Trick-or-Treating

Costume safety:

  1. Try not to obstruct vision

  2. Use non-toxic makeup

  3. Make sure costumes fit properly to avoid tripping/choking hazards

  4. Look for flame-resistant labels

  5. Don’t wear decorative contact lenses! They’re actually extremely dangerous & can cause real harm to your eyes.

Trick-or-Treat safety tips:

  1. Always accompany young children

  2. Make sure to have flashlights & reflectors when it gets dark

  3. Avoid homemade treats

  4. Inspect all candy before consuming

  5. Only go to well-lit homes & well known neighborhoods

  6. NEVER go inside a home/car for candy/treats

  7. IF your older child is going alone, make sure they go in a group in a route already planned out & approved.

  8. Be cautious around animals

  9. Remember the importance of calling 9-1-1

  10. If you see something, say something

Halloween is meant to be fun for all, and by following these tips, we can ensure we keep it that way. Have fun, be safe, & get spooooooky! Happy Halloween!

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