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Kids & Their Tantrums!

Today is a cold & rainy Saturday, therefore no outside time for Jackson. Let me tell you, he is the least impressed by this news. Which reminded me-I need to talk about last Tuesday's podcast episode about tantrums!

I sought some feedback regarding some outrageous/funny tantrum moments, and I got them! Let's dive in...

Starting with a few of Jacksons-

*Plunger vs household. Yes, plunger. Jackson likes to sneak into the bathroom if the door is left open by accident & take the plunger. If only he knew where that's been...

*The pets tails. They're off limits. Jackson doesn't like this. The cats make a break for it whenever Jackson is around; the dog however... It's a true doggy & baby love story. Their best friends, even when Jackson has his tail. It doesn't last long before the tail "is taken away." We're trying for you, Wade.

*Getting buckled into the shopping cart. Jackson is an escape artist when it comes to being in the shopping cart. So, he gets buckled in now. Not. A. Fan.

Some submissions:

*No iced coffee. These kids don't need caffeine; good for you holding your ground, mama.

*Wouldn’t let him put his mouth on a shopping cart: This was also sent in by a friend; what's up with these kids & putting their mouths on things/putting other things in their mouths?! I know it's a development thing, but still...GROSS!

*Wouldn’t let him outside in the rain in nothing but a diaper. In the summer, this was one of Jackson's favorite things to do! He loves the outside, so any chance to get him out, including in the warm rain with a swim diaper on. In this case, maybe it was cooler weather, which I get. Otherwise, I fully support dancing in the rain in a diaper 😂

*Wouldn’t let him steal some kids bike. Yes, we have to draw the line somewhere. Sorry, kiddo.

*Wouldn’t let him eat the jar of jalapeños he pulled so proudly out of the fridge. So proud of you for getting that jar out! If it was anything else, sure snack away. Jalapeños? No. I'm not cleaning that diaper mess up...

*Wouldn’t let him drink from the birdbath. Like the plunger, the birdbath has seen a lot. We don't need to mess with that...

*Licking a sunburn. This one takes the cake. Someone had a bad sunburn & this persons cousins son was crying because he couldn't lick the sunburn wounds away like an animal. A sweet moment, a considerate little one. However, unfortunately sunburns don't work like that. Also I'd personally like to not be licked...

As you can see, tantrums can be funny! Even as parents, we can look back on them & get a laugh in. In the moment of a tantrum though, I'm secretly throwing one myself on the inside.

Stay warm & cozy this weekend!

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