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It’s Monday, but it’s ok

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

It’s ok because you made it! Happy Monday (night) cozy community! I wanted to pop in here for a random post and talk about winding down from the day. Taking time for yourself is CRUCIAL everyday of the week, but this time of year especially. It’s the week before Christmas, and one of the last full work weeks of the year (it’s insane to think about and even more insane to type out). Here’s how I like to unwind and a taste into my bedtime routine:

*If you don’t move your body in the morning, you better move your body after you clock out! If I decide to catch those extra zzz’s in the am, I hop on the treadmill and run or walk for at least 30 minutes. It is PROVEN that at least minutes is great for your health!

*Face masks anyone? Need I say more?

*I also like under eye patches-reduces puffiness!

These are my favorites:

*Lastly, I need some tea to call it a night! Decaf green tea or some chamomile (with a little bit of honey!) in bed with a book is the grand finale toy day. Need some suggestions? Elin Hildebrand! Trust me.

Alrighty cozy community, grab those masks and make that tea and ENJOY your Monday night!

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