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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!....

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

.....Or if you’re like me it’s been looking like Christmas since the first week of November. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So-since Christmas is the best (willing to argue but not really) LET’S TALK DECOR! There’s just something about Christmas lights, am I right?

My ideas stem from simple touches and smaller pieces. Those will all add up to your Christmas statement! my favorite places are Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Target (that’s a given), and Walmart! Those top places are great for all budgets, too. And-lets not forget the local places too! SHOP SMALL!! The Christmas Dove in Barrington, NH is where so many of these great finds came from! Plus-you’ll be supporting your community! Some of my Christmas Dove pieces are below:

Lets talk some small touches:

1. bows on garland! this gives a little pop of color and a little flare to your basic garland. These gold bows came in a set of 8 from Target!

2. lights wrapped in tinsel on the fireplace: TALK ABOUT COZY! It brightens up the space for anytime of year! Spread across and add other smaller decorations within it to make a little Christmas village or just to simply light up your favorite decorations.

3. stocking placement: it’s pretty key, right? Since we’re talking themes (I should like Miss Shields assigning her students’ assignments; if you don’t get the movie reference I’m not sorry) look for stockings at the same time! Another stocking idea is a mix and match: get stockings based on personalities or favorite things! Those are always a fun spin on stockings and sometimes that’s even more personal and special for families with children, etc.

Of course, there’s the outside! But I’ll leave that to y’all to decide-I’m not here to get involved in any Christmas light battles or competitions.

Happy decorating! 🎄 (please ignore the reusable shopping bag in the middle of the floor-it keeps my cats entertained......)

Shop these looks!

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