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I Love My Kid But Dang

I love my kid but dang;

I’m tired.

I was up 1/2 the night, if not all of it, because he wouldn’t sleep

And now he’s awake for the day

It’s 6am

I love my kid but dang;

I’m overstimulated.

He won’t stop whining & crying

The dog is barking

There are dishes in the sink & I stepped on a crumb; I vacuumed yesterday!

I love my kid but dang;

I’m burnt out.

I feel like a robot

Day in & day out

From eyes open until eyes closed

I love my kid but dang;

I don’t know what this other feeling is.

He laughs at my horrible dance moves & jokes

He runs into my arms

He says, ‘Mama’ & gives kisses

Bittersweet? That about sums it up.

But mostly sweet.

I love my kid but damn-

Time, you’re a thief.


Sandra over at My Best Mom Friend said it best:

"Motherhood is the loudest lonely I've ever felt. It's filled with moments of busy-bored, happy-sad, and tears and laughter on end. It's the most messy, all-consumingly beautiful and challenging thing I've ever loved. It's so complex there's just no simple way to describe it."

You got this, mama.

May your coffee ignite you, your candles ground you & your chaos not drive you completely bonkers.

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