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Holiday Mindfulness Techniques, List Tips & Shopping Tricks

Thanksgiving is this week & that means the holiday season is in full swing! I know this time of year can be stressful, from list planning to shopping, hosting & gathering & chaos galore! But, I have good news! My best friend Sammy in Albany, NY has her own meditation & yoga company & I asked her for some advice on how to remain grounded & mindful during all of the chaos to make the season more enjoyable (Her information is linked below, so be sure to check her out!) I also rounded up some list making tips to hopefully make your life easier when shopping!

Sammy’s advice:

1. Remember this year to keep yourself as a priority as well.

2. Wake up each morning with a 5 minute meditation and 5 minutes of stretching. You can do this without getting out of bed. This will help keep you grounded each day.

3. Have low expectations for yourself and others and remember to keep things simple.

4. Keep your physical and mental space open and organized. Don’t worry about having “enough” decorations but enough loved ones around.

5. Protect your energy. As an adult we somehow still find it hard to stand up for ourselves when it comes to family and the holidays. Remember that You are your boss. Say no as many times in a day as you need. You’re not being selfish or a bad person.

6. When you’re feeling the holiday crazies you can practice breathing techniques that will help bring you back to yourself. The easiest one I teach is counting to 3 as you inhale and again as you exhale. Do this until your breaths become long and relaxed.

List planning:

1. It's not always about ‘stuff’ - think of an experience! Gift a loved one who loves facial a facial, or a couple with kids a date night out.

2. Start early. I used to think my mom was nuts for starting her Christmas shopping in July/August. She’d like to go around the mall & window shop & that would give her ideas on what to get for people. She paid attention to ads & catalogs, too & knew when to take a hint. I understand her methods now!

3. What else should you start early? Budget making, That includes a “splurge” allotment, because it’s SO easy to splurge on toys, electronics, even decorations.

4. When it comes to the little ones, you can never go wrong with clothes! Everyones been asking me, “does Jackson need clothes?” YES! He is 18 months old & growing like a weed & will continue to do so. Please, buy him the cute shirt or outfit you saw.

5. Don’t always ask someone what they “want” - think of something(s) they NEED.

6. Also, consider ‘upgrades’ - new dishes, towels, bedding, etc.

Most importantly, enjoy the season! It’s supposed to be about surrounding yourself with family & friends, having a good time & making good memories. All the good food that comes with it doesn’t hurt, either! Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

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