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Here for the Froth

Bonus post alert! Ever since I got a milk frother for my birthday, I've been obsessed with making yummy homemade lattes. So, I wanted to share my 2 favorites with you all!

No milk frother? No problem! Add your milk or creamer to a microwave jar/container with a lid, then shake it for about a minute! Just note that the warmer the milk, the longer you'll have to shake it for, so keep that in mind.

Here's my frother:

I like to start my early mornings with a coffee latte. Once your coffee is brewed, pour it in your favorite mug, add your flavoring (if that's how you roll; my favorite flavors are below & I linked the Toasted Almost Mocha on the pic for ya!), then froth your milk and add to the top.

If you prefer tea, this one's for you! Chai tea lattes make my world go 'round. Add some hot water to your favorite mug, then add your chai of choice to steep. While steeping, froth your milk, then add that to the top. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on top of mine for an added touch. If you REALLY want to make this latte disappear, add a pump or 2 (depending on how sweet you like things) of vanilla syrup!

For you year-round iced beverage drinkers, all of these can be made into that! Pour over ice THEN add your froth. I like to use a spoon and mix the froth in a little bit when I make things iced for a creamer iced-latte effect.

Of course, substitutions can be made to fit whatever your latte style may be-there are plenty of coffee and tea flavors and types out there for all! You get bonus points if you comment with your latte/tag me with your latte on Instagram!


Get your latte engines started, get set, BREW!

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