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Grow Gardens, Grow!

Happy Tuesday, Cozy Community! I hope your weeks are off to an excellent start! I decided to take a few days off from spending a lot of time online/on social media-just to give myself a break and to give myself more time to spend on things within my home. And speaking of home, this week we're talking gardens! That's right-spring has officially sprung (hello blooms and allergies galore). So it's time to get your gardens prepped and your crop lists set. Let's begin!

1. Designate your garden space.

I'm lucky enough to already have garden beds made; but if you don't, don't worry! They're easy to do: simply dig a mote around the space you want to create your garden, and use 2X4's to create the outline. Dig up a bit within that space, and fill with potting soil and you're ready to begin! Can't do any digging? Get pots and potting soil, and potted produce is going to be your new best friend.

2. Prep.

For those with bigger garden spaces, this one's for you. At the start of your greatest gardening season, you need to weed, rake and till your soil. You will need the fresh & clean space to work with. Here is my before prep and after prep:



3. Make your crop list and schedule.

Now that your spaces are made and prepped, it's time to make your list. You will need potting soil!!!!! Please don't forget the potting soil. My rule of thumb: 2-3 bags per bed (yes, I save allllllll the pennies for this part of the purchase). Then, of course, make your crop list! This time of year is prime time for those cooler weather crops (collards, kale, spinach, lettuce). You'll want to wait another month or so for your fruits and veggies (tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.) This is one of the lists I've used:

The good news here: once you're past the investment of potting soil, seed packets are max 90 cents! So you can get all the seeds you and your budget want!

4. Plant and protect.

You've designated; you've prepped; you've shopped; it's time to get to work! Lay your potting soil, then you're set to plant your seeds. But you're not done! This is just the start. You will need to tend to your gardens! Watering everyday, weeding when they arise, and guarding from critters trying to steal your delicious garden selections. My tip: build a little fence around it! Use those 2X4's that surround your garden beds to your advantage. Attach chicken wire or other fencing material to them to create that barrier. Make sure it goes high enough to keep out deer!

5. Enjoy your gardens!

Yes, they take work, but they'll be worth it! There is nothing better than seeing something go from barely anything to full of life. So save some time to enjoy gardening, and the fruits of your labor! (I hope someone get's that joke...) Happy gardening! Until next time!

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