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Gallivant Global Eatery Review

Do you love different kinds of coffee? Funky latte combos & eccentric food flavors? If so, this is the place for you.

Located on the main Central Avenue in downtown Dover, New Hampshire sits this little gem.

As I was walking there recently, I saw a sign on the sidewalk about an iced coffee flight 'taking off.' Punny, I thought. And because I love a good pun, I had to try it.

The flight featured 4 selections from "around the world" - a tonic from Italy, a Lavender blend (I believe this was Parisian), a Churro latte from Mexico & a Tahitian maple latte.

My coffee bubble exploded with happiness & my tastebuds were transported to each of these places!

The tonic is a mix of espresso & seltzer. It has a very distinct taste, and it took me a second flight a week later to appreciate it.

The lavender was light & floral, & the coffee itself very smooth. A great blend!

The churro & maple were sweeter - pretty much what they look & sound like. But wow, were they tasty! I like my coffee on the sweeter side, so these were very much so up my alley, and I'd say my favorites.

As I mentioned, I went back a week later with a friend & this time we ordered food, along with the flights & another latte. She very much enjoyed the Spanish Eggs Benedict & I ordered one of the specials - pumpkin pancakes. The pancakes were so light & fluffy & just melted in my mouth! The menu also consists of a Guava & cheese empanada & other global favorites.

This place wouldn't be what it is without the amazing staff! We had our kiddods the second time around & they were welcomed with open arms & accommodated for seamlessly. I think they enjoyed themselves as much as we adults did!

5 starts for Gallivant! Cheers & enjoy!

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