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Engagement Party Recap!

You asked, and now here it is: the engagement party recap! While I don't have too many pictures of decorations, I'll share the ones I do have and the little details I put into the day!

It was on Halloween-so it was two celebrations in one! Costumes were highly recommended, and our guests did not disappoint! From Ninja Turtles to a crocodile then to us-the bride and groom sports team!

The first thing I did to prepare was make the menu: I wanted to make sure there were plenty of snacks/apps to spread throughout the day and we LUCKED out! We had *just* enough food. My hosting-food signatures are mini pigs-in-a-blanket and crockpot meatballs, so those were a given. Taco/seven layer dip is always a crowd pleaser, and with it being Halloween a festive spider made out of olives topped the dish! I also wanted to make things easy for myself, so aside from all of that we had frozen items to easily pop in the oven. I recommend also getting a buffet tray set-it made clean up, displaying the food and keeping everything warm SUPER easy!

I wanted to do favors for our guests, but I didn't want to break the bank-again, keeping it simple here. A fun and easy favor to celebrate with are shots (we're all of age!)! I was originally going to do nips, but instead found tube shots (more festive for Halloween, too) in a few different flavors so there was a flavor for everyone. I also got tags and made a design to put on the favors. "Take a shot; we're tying the knot!" A silly but still festive sign complemented the favor basket.

(Yes, we even had our own Snapchat filter!!!!)

To add to the fall/Halloween theme, I found on Pinterest (where I find EVERYTHING) pumpkins painted to resemble a bride and groom. Those obviously had to be displayed as decor too!

True COVID style, it was hard having people inside. We lucked out weather wise and were able to be outside majority of the day-especially when everyone was here at once. Although cold, thank goodness for fire pits! We were able to light a fire and rotate around that to keep warm while celebrating. Once it got dark we did head inside, however by that point only a smaller group was around so it made it easier to be socially distant. Some guests also wore masks!

We had so much fun celebrating our engagement with our family and friends on this day! We can't wait for the even bigger wedding day! Thanks for reading; until next time!

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