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At Home With Amazon: Part II

Happy weekend, Cozy Community! I hope you are all well! Back by popular demand (even though this haul was a little smaller)-another "At Home With Amazon"! This week, I'm doing two sections here: one for the items I do have and another for the items that are on their way! So let's jump right in, shall we?

I take baths (relaxing bubble baths to be exact) on a regular basis, and I like to have some tea or wine and a candle lit while doing so. So, what a better way to have all that with a tub tray! This bamboo tub tray is light-weight yet heavy duty and obviously water resistant. Load up and enjoy!

I also realized my necklaces were always tangled! And that's because I didn't have a good way to store them. So, this acrylic necklace holder is the perfect addition to my already acrylic storage system for makeup and other jewelry items!

Funny story for you all-I was making coffee one morning with our Ninja coffee maker, and it randomly stopped brewing half way through! I thought it was the coffee pot, and after some experimenting AFTER Ryan & I purchased a new Keurig coffee maker, it wasn't the coffee maker. It was the outlet the coffee maker was plugged into... (*sigh*). Long story short, we have a new coffee maker! A two-part Keurig that brews a 12 cup pot of coffee OR you can make a single cup with a KCup. So, we needed a way to organize and store all of our new KCups! This drawer comes with dividers in between each row to keep those KCups in line. It's also sturdy, so you can put the coffee maker right on top of it for a major space saver.

Now, here are the items I have coming! To start, my home office has a twin sized day bed in it, and underneath we have some under-bed storage bins. I HATE looking at them, so this ruffled bed skirt will be a nice addition to not only hide the junk under the bed, but to spruce it up a bit too!

I am also OBSESSED with pillow covers; they;re such an easy and inexpensive way to change up a space! These faux fur fleece pillow covers will be a great addition to the master bedroom! (Sorry, Ryan, I know how you feel about pillows..)

Lastly, if you've been following along on my Instagram, you know our kitten Jinxy has been having some stress problems and urinating on our couch. So, the vet recommended Feliway calming solutions. So, we are starting with a couple of these diffusers to put by the litter boxes and around the house. A full review on these will come in the following weeks on a post around pets and stress/anxiety!

To shop these items and more, download the LikeToKnow.It app and follow along @cozysyd!

Stay safe, healthy, and of course, Cozy! Until next time!

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