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At Home with Amazon: #3

Back by popular demand: another round of 'At Home with Amazon'! In this round, there are items for the home, beauty, and engagement party decor! And there are A LOT of let's begin! (To shop/view, click on the picture!)

I'm going to kick it off with this LED teeth whitening kit. Easy to use and the whitening gel doesn't have a taste to it so you're not left with a nasty taste in your mouth after! I've been using it about every other day and I'm starting to notice a difference; sensitive teeth friendly, too!

Next up are these PJ's-soooooooo soft! I have 2 pairs and I wear them whenever I can!

I got new pajamas because I wanted to feel like I was in a spa post bubble bath (Yes I take regularly scheduled bubble baths). So to go along with that feeling came some new towels-but for hair!

Speaking of hair.....I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this one step hair dryer & volumizer -dries and styles at once! I can't get enough!

Next: some kitchen items! Silicone spoon holders for cooking keep countertops and stove tops clean, as well as smaller glass spoon holders for coffee, tea, etc. The smaller holders make a great decoration on their own, too.

While we're on the subject of kitchen, there is nothing more annoying than water bottles drying and falling everywhere! So, this handy little bamboo water bottle (or anything really) holder keeps those pesky bottles in place (That's at least what we're using it for over here).

Next I want to move into engagement party decor! I love the idea of a 'picture curtain', so that's where this silver sequin curtain comes in.

I also got these signs, because no party of complete without a sign or 2!

To have and to hold...and to keep our drinks cold! (Even though the temps are quickly falling here in NH....)

Since we're making the food ourselves, decorative sign to tell our guests what is what are a nice and helpful touch!

I saved the best for last: because who doesn't love some festive gnomes?! I'm not kidding when I say I have gnomes for each season!

Not mentioned: peel-and-stick wallpaper, because I haven't put it up yet and an Olay eye cream I'm still reviewing (but so far so good!) If there's a round 4 that's where you can find those. Now that I have bombarded you with this round of amazing Amazon finds, happy shopping!

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